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SOS Africa Charity Glastonbury Festival Litter Picking Volunteers Keep the Pyramid Stage Clean and Secure 33 Years of School Tuition!

28 Jun 2017

Glastonbury Festival is undeniably the most extraordinary event to take place in the West Country. As SOS Africa’s office and shop is based within 5 miles of this we simply could not miss out on getting involved. Thanks to one of our loyal supporters, Fiona Case, who manages the Recycling Crew for the festival, we’ve been given the most fantastic way to take part. Since 2013 SOS Africa has been given charity places in the Pyramid Stage litter picking team.

SOS Africa's 2017 Glastonbury Festival Litter Picking Team

From 6am to noon each day of the festival, a total of 300 dedicated litter pickers descend upon the vast field in front of the iconic Pyramid Stage, scattered with all sorts of remnants from the previous night’s headline acts. Whether the audience were “Staying Alive” to the Bee-Gees or rocking it to Dave Grohl you can guarantee that cleaning up after themselves was not a priority. So, armed with three different coloured bags to fill with different categories of recycling, the line of pickers gradually move across the field and transform it from a trashy dump back to a gloriously lush green field. Once all four shifts are completed the pickers get their full ticket price refunded and each one donates back at least £100 to SOS Africa; making this the #Ultimate2for1Bargain. For the cost of one ticket you enjoy all the fun the festival has to offer, AND you contribute towards empowering South African children through education.

The Pyramid Stage Field before the SOS Africa Charity volunteers started recycling...

Five years later our team has grown from 12 members to 72. A special mention this year goes to Matt Crowcombe and Ashley Meredith who became “Litter Picking Veterans”, after 5 years of consistent attendance. Also a huge round of applause to all 72 litter pickers who maintained a 100% attendance and as a result have helped SOS Africa raise over £8000, securing 33 years of school tuition for the children we support in South Africa.

The Pyramid Stage Field before the SOS Africa Charity volunteers started recycling...

So, until we are reunited again in 2019 for our 6th Glasto, thank you all for your tremendous commitment and hard work; we hope you enjoyed the festival and came away with unforgettable experiences, great jokes and new recycling skills. #LoveTheFarmLeaveNoTrace

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