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Great Masterbake-off Event Provides New Laptops for SOS Africa Charity Children

23 Oct 2013


The first ever SPECIFIC Great Masterbake-off


The first ever SPECIFIC Great Masterbake-off contest took place during July 2013; throughout the course of the month 20 bakers brought their own baked goods to SPECIFIC on a daily basis for the pleasure of everyone’s taste buds while raising money for the SOS Africa Charity organization. This event, organised by Dr Cecile Charbonneau, Carol Glover and Pete Greenwood, was the scene of real talent, creativity and taste so much so that everyone is already looking forward to the next edition!

“Not only was the SPECIFIC Masterbake-off lots of fun but it was a very successful event in terms of money raised; a fantastic sum of £370 was raised by our Masterbakers and willing tasters!! The total reflects the voracious appetite for cake the people at SPEFICIC have, coupled with their desire to do a good deed of course!” stated Masterbake-off contestant Matthew Davies.


The Masterbake-off contestants


The bake-off was run prior to the outreach event “Catching the Light with the Rainbow Nation” in which a team of scientists from SPECIFIC, Swansea University, Bangor University and the University of KwaZulu-Natal travelled to South Africa to run science workshops on chemistry and light. During the Mafikeng leg of the outreach event the team ran workshops with the SOS Africa Children and the throughout the schools we support (view event video).

The money raised by the SPECIFIC Great Masterbake-off contest was used to purchase two laptops for the SOS Africa Aftercare Centre to assist our children with their homework and to help them learn, play and stay in touch with their sponsors.


Masterbake-off provides new laptops for the SOS Africa Children


We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved and to the Bryn-y-Mor pub, the Maharani restaurant, Plantasia, and Folly Farm for their very kind and generous contributions to the SPECIFIC Masterbake-off July 2013.

We would also like to congratulate our Masterbake-off winners: Amy Lougher (1st), Alice Williams (2nd), Katherine Hooper (3rd), and the Watson and Jewell families for their outstanding baking performances!!

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