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Why I am Shaving my Head for SOS Africa

23 Jun 2011

Most women cringe at the thought of becoming bald and this is why as opposed to jumping off a building, cliff or out of an aeroplane, I have decided to become unnecessarily bald and am rising to the challenge in aid of SOS Africa.

Tan Barker's Sponsored Head shave

I am a mature student studying Theatre and Education at the University of Reading and was so pleased to hear about SOS Africa supporting children in Africa by sending them to mainstream schools. Being born and raised in South Africa I moved schools often and have seen the lack of accessibility that some people have to education. I believe that education should be free to those that want it: "Everyone should be entitled to free education!"

So far I have been really flattered by the support the local community has shown me and SOS Africa. The manager of ‘Up the Junction’ bar at 231 London Road, Reading, has provided the venue, and Ryan from ‘Electric Hair,’ Reading (, is sharpening his razor ready for the occasion. The event is also being covered by BBC Radio Berkshire and The Reading Evening Post.

If you’d like to be present when I shave my head to raise funds for the children of SOS Africa or even cut a bit of my hair off yourself, come along on Friday the 19th August at 18:30.

If you would like to sponsor me, please visit

Thank you for your support!

For more information about this event send an email to, or to find out how you can start up your own fundraising event for SOS Africa, click here.

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