2016 Fundraising Competition: Win Two Flight Tickets to South Africa

Each year SOS Africa organises a special charity fundraising competition for fundraisers who participate in our annual fundraising events. The prize awarded to the lucky winner of this competition will be two flight tickets to South Africa to meet the SOS Africa children.

Will and Ryan won the SOS Africa fundraising competition in 2011  Students from Winchester College visited our children in March 2016

In 2016 SOS Africa is hosting 2 fundraising events:

  1. 150ft Kilvey Halls of Residence Abseil, Swansea University - 17th/18th June
  2. Frome Firewalking Fundraiser, Frome College, Somerset - 12th November

Each time an SOS Africa fundraiser participating in one of these events raises £100 and for each additional £50 raised, they will receive one entry into the prize draw. The competition fundraising deadline is Monday 28th November @ 12pm - all funds must be received by this date. The competition draw will then take place that week by the SOS Africa children in South Africa (date TBC). The following fundraisers have already been entered into the prize draw:

150ft Kilvey Halls of Residence Abseil

  • Sums Up & Down x 16 Entries
  • Team Peter Pan x 12 Entries
  • Legal High x 11 Entries
  • Team Book Drop x 7 Entries
  • We are family x 6 Entries
  • Jess Hayden x 4 Entries
  • Fallen Angels x 5 Entries
  • Wrong Direction x 2 Entries
  • Team S4 x 2 Entries
  • Richard Jones x 3 Entries
  • PSPU x 3 Entries
  • Ceri's Nursing Commandos x 4 Entries
  • Vixie's Lemon Drops x 2 Entries
  • Paul Weatherhead x 1 Entry
  • Caitlin Wheatley x 1 Entry
  • Pulp Friction x 1 Entry

 Frome Firewalking Fundraiser

  • Terence Stevens-Prior x 17 Entries
  • Kim Williams x 15 Entries
  • Steph Smith x 10 Entries
  • Dawn Denton x 7 Entries
  • Tanya Anderson x 5 Entries
  • Alex Dyer x 5 Entries
  • Rich Long x 4 Entries
  • Lucy Harris x 5 Entries
  • Liz Taylor x 4 Entries
  • Julianne Mancini x 3 Entries
  • Kerryn Alt x 3 Entry
  • Martin Dix x 5 Entries
  • Toby Elliot x 3 Entries
  • Briony Jane x 4 Entries
  • Angela Mackett x 3 Entries
  • Chloe Lathem x 2 Entries
  • Charlotte Butler x 3 Entries
  • James McComas x 2 Entries
  • Chris Raithby x 5 Entries
  • Dickon Agnew x 1 Entry
  • Lietza Gorman x 1 Entry
  • Frankie Blagden x 1 Entry
  • David Van Dyk x 1 Entry

 Good luck to everyone participating in SOS Africa's 2016 fundraising events and if you would like to read about the experiences of past competition winners click here.

If you have any questions about the competition, please email info@sosafrica.com