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We are a group of high school students who share one simple, straightforward goal: We want to make a difference in our World. We’re so incredibly blessed to have the lifestyles that we have- food to eat, water to consume, homes to sleep in, families to love, school to attend, and luxuries and extremities that we don’t even need. Not everyone has all this. Not everyone can dream about growing up and enjoying the beauties of life. Some people fight to survive another month, another week, another day. As fellow human beings on this planet, we have the moral duty to aid our fellow man in whatever way we can.


Dimpho is part-sponsored by Bay Area's SOS Africa Society  Siab is part-sponsored by Bay Area's SOS Africa Society


Currently, the funds that we raise go towards helping two specific children under SOS Africa, Dimpho and Siabulelwa. These two wonderful children give us real faces to incorporate with the work we do. All our hard work is worth it because we know that we are directly helping these two children, kids who may not know we even exist. We do all this in our free time because in the end, if we’re able to make the lives of two innocent and bright children just a little better, it’s all worth it.